Reason One: Mining Minerals is not Agriculture - President Theodore Roosevelt created U.S. Forest Service in 1905 and put it under the Agriculture Department. He and his first FS Chief, Gifford Pinchot had carefully selected the best lands for timber in the Northwest and water in the Southwest. … Continue reading
Forest Service studies effect of trees on human health - All of us who have taken a hike in the woods know that a natural environment is good for our mental health–however, Forest Service researchers have shown that trees are good for physical health too. There was a huge die-off … Continue reading
Boom, Bust, Boom: Flagstaff Author Bill Carter Explores The Effects Of Copper Mining - Bill Carter’s book tells the history of copper–the metal that runs the world–even the environmental Prius! http://www.knau.org/post/boom-bust-boom-flagstaff-author-bill-carter-explores-effects-copper-mining The page has an audio link at the top if you prefer to listen to Bill.
Data on how trees can improve climate - I have been wondering: Why are there huge tree-planting projects all over the world while the U.S. National Forest Service is permitting the unsustainable destruction of tens of thousands of trees in 170 projects in the West. Although “everyone knows” … Continue reading
Oak destined for destruction Transcript of Media Call: Secretary Vilsack; FS Chief Tidwell; Harris Sherman, FS Undersecretary of Natural Resources - In a conference call with media Jan. 2012, the Forest Service announced the Environmental Impacts (EIS) of the new Forest Planning Rule. This rule is intended to be used to guide the Forest Plan of each individual Forest, which are … Continue reading
Traffic Fatalities and Arizona Dust Issues - Traffic fatalities from dust events from disturbed open land is an on-going tragedy in Arizona. Even so, the Forest Service is giving away (yes, there are no mining claims on the FS land) to a mining company that will disturb … Continue reading
Reclamation plots at Rosemont compared to Twin Buttes - Six years ago Rosemont started some “test” plots to experiment with reclamation. They received  the cooperation of the Ag Dept at U of A to prepare various mixes of seeds–mostly grass seeds. After six years there is not a wisp … Continue reading
Comments on Plan for National Forests -   To evaluate the Coronado Forest Plan (or any Forest Plan), we have to take a look at the guidelines of the Forest Planning Rule created by the Washington, D.C. officials, which is the model for the Forest Plans of … Continue reading
Wildfires on Public Lands: Causes, Cost, Prevention - Wildfire season has arrived! We are in a serious drought in the Southwest. According to the National Interagency Coordination Center there are 7 un-contained and 3 new wildfires on public lands on May 31, 2014. [http://www.nifc.gov/fireInfo/fireInfo_statistics.html] Wildfire prevention needs to … Continue reading
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  1. Liz Banse says:

    Hi Nancy,
    You had asked me about alternatives to using the word watershed. Instead of saying watershed, you could say “land around rivers, lakes and streams.” There’s no confusion there and no terminology to be misunderstood.
    Keep up the great work!